Bond Girl

Car: Al Motors Aston Martin AL Motors 0.4 T - New!
Knife: S&B Knife Mouth, by Cacarolo Elcano
Earrings: Silvery K Silver Ring Pierce - Free
Bracelet: Frippery It's Alive Bracelet - GH2 HG
Dress and Bag: Arpia Rabanne Medals... by Alv Rau (Bag include, but it can be bought separately) - New!
Boots: Koko Calf Boot Silver -GG
Skin, Makeup and Nipples: Alvatars Skins AVT Alvatar Fem Morena Shine Skin 2010; AVT Fem Makeup 20; Nipples by Alv Rau (Contact Him)
Hair: BDR Mariana Hair Majestic - Free

ST: James Bond 007 Movie Theme