Hair: Pocket Mirrors Billie Hairbase Brown Pack
Skin: Alvatars Skins AVT Alvatar Fem Deluxe Skin 2010
Makeup: Dulce Secrets Glitzy Eyeshadow Tattoo - Not Available Actually
Leg Belts: Opium Fantasy Leg Belts - GG
Belt: Eclipse Development Celtic Belt Medium - Free
Earrings and Necklace: Gems & Kisses Rien Plat - GG
Bracelet: Twisted & Spoiled Have a Heart Jewelry Set (Part) - Past GG
Tattoo: SS Pistol Hips - Free
Top: Urban Girl Animal Top 01 - Not Available Actually
Leather Pants: Davinel Second Skin Sober
Boa: Kastle Rock Couture Midnight Shimmer Minidress Black Boa (Part of the Outfit)
Boots: WCI Knuckle Buckle- Gold/Brown Boots - Marketplace Dollarbie
Poses: Behavior Body Complete Set Model Poses

ST: Action

It's a Heartache

Hair: D!va Hair Maya Black Amber - 2nd Anniversary Gift GG
Skin: Beauty Code Skin Jenna Purple Smokey Group Gift August - GG
Bag: MDL Jean Bag August Group Gift - GG
Earrings: Beauty Code Glitter Hoops Earring Silver/Black Group Gift June - GG
Shirt: Muka Blue Love1 - Past HG
Capris: Arpia Jeans One Light Blue
Bikini: Arpia Bikini Sequin Pink
Shoes: Shiny Things Zimmy Flats Faded Denim - SG
Poses: Behavior Body Complete Set Model Poses

ST: It's a Heartache

Yellow Rose

Hair: W&Y Model Hair 3 "TYPE" A
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT MULTI-TONE skin-FEM-oscura; AVT Fem Makeup Eyeliner
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Signature Quartz
Dress: The Sea Hole Cassia Glitter Mini Dress Brass Tax - Collabor88 GG
Lingerie: Arpia Sue Sweet Champagne by Alv Rau - New
Earrings: NHA Earrings Amy - GG
Bracelet: Fairy Tail Bracelets #1- Dollarbie
Shoes: Shiny Things Delphine pumps Gold - SG
Poses: Desire FreePose 05 - Free; Sexy 16 Beach; Sit 10

ST: Yellow Roses

Read my Mind

Hair: W&Y Model Hair Free 6 - Old Free
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Multi-Tone Skin Fem Palida; AVT Fem Makeup 4
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Horizon Green Pea
Earrings & Necklace: Cometa Set by Didi Morrisey (Pelletteria Morrisey) - Personal Gift (Not Available Actually)
Bracelet: Aluinn Black and Silver Deco Bracelet - Free
Dress: 20. Five Striped Minidress Green - Ocio Hunt HG
Lingerie: Arpia Circe
Poses: Marukin Nana - Poupee Hunt HG; Canal Tram - Dollarbie; Sashiru - Dollarbie

ST: Read my Mind

A Hard Road to Travel

Shirt and Boots: Opium Gift Female Shirt Stripes Grey - GG; Opium Western ShortBoots Y - Past GG
Jeans: Poison Dos70 Jeans Normal - MHOH6 HG
Bikini: 'Arpia' Bikini Sequin Green
Bag: Pelletteria Morrisey Pangea Bag
Bracelet: Lilipily Nordic Leather&Silver Bracelets Beasts - Free
Hair: Ivanka Akina Magic Hair no.27
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Alvatar Fem Morena Shine Skin 2010; AVT Fem Makeup 6
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Signature Geyser
Poses: Free Style Sunday Vamp Poses - Pay what you wish (1-20 L$); 8 Male Poses - Pay what you wish (1-20 L$)

ST: A hard road to travel


Tops: 'Arpia' Leo (5 colors) - GG Gift 001 August
Shorts: 'Arpia' Shorts Dark Blue - GG Gift 001 August
Hair: Emo-tions Musa Naturals - GG
Skin: Skintimate 1000 Members Gifts Tan Makeup 1 - GG
Earrings: JKTrends B.E. Silver 2 - LB
Sandals: Sole Sisters Shoes Dancer Sandals Green
Poses: Dare Vogue Fashion

ST: Dreams

I'm a fool to want you

Earrings and Ring: Donna Flora Violetta Earrings - Dollarbie; Baci Ring - Free
Cigarrette: Sotd Vintage Cigarrette Change Tex
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Multi Tone Skin Fem Media; AVT Fem Makeup Rimel
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Josie Curls Sienna
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Signature Quartz
Dress: Plastik Bordello Dress - SOM
Lingerie: Arpia Gorgon
Poses: Adorkable Poses Basics - Free; Behavior Body Model Poses

ST: I'm a fool to want you


Hair: Sweet Hair Sweet Faces [BaronessV1][colorDT04]
Skin: Cupcakes Abigail Dark BabyPink with Dark Cleavage - Free into a Big Cupcake
Jacket: Aleida Sandy Fur Jacket Charcoal - Not Available Actually (Closed Store)
Lingerie: Arpia Sue Sweet Red by Alv Rau - New (Available @ Lucky Board too)
Poses: Arata Shouten Runway Pose - GG; Desire - Girls Pose Set 11-20 Beach - New

ST: Strawberry Fields Forever

Dancing in the Moonlight

Hair: A&A Marlene Hair Mahogany - Marketplace Free (Promo Ends 2nd August) 
Skin & Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Multi-Tone Skin Fem Palida; AVT Fem Makeup 5
Necklace & Earrings: Silq'waggi Sumatra - Free
Bracelets & Rings: JKTrends Boho (Available through Camping Chair too)
Dress: Mimi's V Dress
Shoes: Ducknipple Ringo Shoes
Poses: Dare Single Ladies Set V

ST: Dancing in the moonlight


Hair: A&A Cynthia Hair Platinum @ Free Designer Gifts - Free 
Skin: Skintimate Love & Prayers to Norway - Free
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Horizon Tropics
Jewels: Bliensen + Maitai - Liz Vintage Necklace; Lula Earrings - Hair Fair 2011 Free (Not Available Actually)
Dress: Mimi's Vinyl Dress - Free
Lingerie: Arpia Les Menades Under Noir 2
Poses: Dare Single Ladies Set II; Single Ladies Set IV

ST: Vinyl

Champagne Shower

Hair: Catwa Hadeya Hair Honey - Hair Fair 2011 Free
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Fem Morena Skin 2010; AVT Fem Makeup 7
Top: Liquid Gold Temptation Sequined Halter - Marketplace Dollarbie
Leggings: League Metallic Shine Leggings Gold - SOM Welcome Gift Free
Lingerie: Arpia Les Menades Camel - Choose your Custom Color
Earrings: Lazuri Enchanted Yellow Sapphire Earrings - LB
Bracelets: Fairy Tail Bracelets #1 - Dollarbie
Belt: Euphoria Hunt Oh My Studio My Waist Chain - Old HG
Sandals: Mimi's Boutique Mimi's Risque Heels Brown Pack (3 colors) - Free
Poses: Marukin Nana - Poupee Hunt HG; Slash Me Poses FabFree Station Free

ST: Champagne Showers

Bourbon in my eyes

Shorts & Jacket: Nanashi Tamy - Free @ Paradiso Shopping
Body: Sur+ Creamsicle Bodysuit - Seasons Hunt HG
Stockings: N-Core Tights Clear Seam- Free
Shoes: MJS Strapped Stiletto Red - BOSL GG
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT Multi-Tone Skin Fem Palida; AVT Fem Makeup 8
Hair: Dura Summer Group Gift Black - GG
Flower: Indy&Co. Airedale Floral Barrette Peony - Hair Fair 2011 Free
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Signature Aegean
Bow Necklace: Fairy Tail Bow Long Necklace - GG
Pearl Necklace: Lazuri Classic Pearl Set - Free
Poses: Tapoe Hello Goodbye Pose Set - Marketplace Free; BehaviorBody Runway NewGen - Free

ST: Bourbon in your eyes

Relax, Take it Easy

Skin: Tuty's Lou Chocolate Skin Viola Bald - Marketplace Free
Hair: A&A Skye Hair Dark Mixed Brown - Marketplace Free
Dress: M&M Clodette Minidress - Marketplace Free
Shoes: Tara Top Heels Dondine Pink - Marketplace Free
Earrings: Mimi's Wear Silver Earrings - Marketplace Free
Sofa: Foursquares Contemp. Wavey Sofa - Marketplace Free
Poses: Fwee - Marketplace Free 

ST: Relax

Nobody's perfect

Hair: Xplosion Hair Lili Normal - Hair Fair 2011 Free
Skin and Makeup: Alvatars Skins AVT ALvatar Fem Deluxe+Shine Skin 2010; AVT Fem Makeup 6
Jewellery: Lazuri Enchanted Emerald and Diamond Earring and Bracelet - LL; Enchanted Necklace Emerald and Diamond in Gold - MM
Lingerie: Arpia Sue Sweet White by Alv Rau - 2nd July Arpia GG (We are on movin', new LM soon)
Shoes: N-Core Prelude XtremeHeel GroupGift - GG
Poses: Exposeur SLuicide Girls Gift 1 and Gift 2 - Sluicide Girls GG

ST: Nobody's perfect

Best of You

Clothes, Lingerie and Boots: Coco Designs Gift Shirt & Parka; Gift Tee & Denim Shorts; Gift Sheer Body Suit; Gift Flat Ankle Boots Black - GG
Skin: Perception Hot Summer NIghts - GG
Hair: Alice Project Hair Maria Mega Pack - Hair Fair 2011 Free 
Bracelet: Chop Zuey Inner Evolution Bracelet - Old HG
Poses: Tsubura Sexual Motion Poses - Free

ST: Best of You

Pumpkin Pie

Shirt: Ducknipple Tabak Green - Free
Top: Insanya Group Top 5 - GG
Shorts: Waffle Carny Shorts Asparagus - SG
Shoes: Vika Doll Flats - Marketplace Free
Skin: Alvulo Pollon Sunggle Milk - GG
Hair: W&Y Fair 2 TypeA
Cherries: HerBerry Cherry April Freebie Giftie - Free
Necklace: Primalot Nebra Double Rope Necklace - NSSH HG
Poses: Primavera Sitpose01 - Free; Gesticulate 10 pose pack gift - FabFree Station Free; Free Style 8 Male Poses - Free

ST: Pumpkin Pie

I wanna rock!

Earrings: N@N@ Flexy Earrings - Free
Bracelet: Line Sema Bracelets Colorfull - GG
Skin: Glam Affair Layla BL - GG
Nipples: Contact Alv Rau (Alvatars Skins)
Tattoo: Para Designs Anchor - HG
Hair: W&Y New 137 Type A
Top: Just Me Top Katy Purple - SG
Leggings: Ducknipple Boktor Splat
Shoes: Shoenique Designs Spiders Web Black Stiletto Heels
Poses: Free Style Vamp Poses - Free; Desire Sexy Pose Set 11-20 Beach

ST: I wanna rock